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This guide provides tutorials on how to navigate our Pepperdine Libraries website as well as how to use some of Pepperdine Libraries' valuable online resources.

How to Find E-Books Step by Step Guide

1. If you are looking for an E-Book, there are two ways to search for them. The first way is to go to the Pepperdine Libraries home page and type in the specific title of the item in the main search bar. 

2. If Pepperdine has access to the e-book, you will see "Held by Pepperdine University" with a link to the e-book. The e-book link will read "View e-book." You will be asked to input your Wavenet credentials to view the e-book.

3. After entering your Wavenet credentials to view the e-book, the full-text e-book will populate. You can read the e-book online, download the book as a PDF, or download individual chapters. 

4. To start the second method of how to find e-books go to the main library homepage. Then without inputting anything in the search bar click on "Search." 

5. Then click on "Advanced Search."


6. After clicking "Advanced Search," scroll down the page and select "Search Tools.

7. On the "Search Tools" page under the "Format" section, click the drop-down menu and select e-books. Then under the "Held by Library" section, select Pepperdine University. 


8. After filling out your search parameters, it's time to search for the e-book you want. To find the item you are looking for in the "Advanced Search" fields, input the information you know about the title, such as keywords, title, or author, then click search. 

9. Based on your search parameters, the catalog will populate the closet result. If Pepperdine Libraries has the e-book, you will see the "Held by Pepperdine University" indicator as well as a link to the e-book.