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This guide provides tutorials on how to navigate our Pepperdine Libraries website as well as how to use some of Pepperdine Libraries' valuable online resources.

How to Find Databases Step by Step Guide

1. To access the databases and e-journals offered by Pepperdine Libraries, visit our website at The "Databases and E-Journals" tab is located in the middle of the Pepperdine Libraries homepage, accompanied by an image of a magnifying glass. 

2. At the top of the databases and e-journals page is an alphabet because the databases are organized alphabetically. To find a specific database by name, click on the first letter of the name of the database. 

3. Patrons may also search for databases that focus on specific subjects and types.

4. Subjects and types categorize our databases. One way patrons can search for databases is by clicking on the "By Type" tab. After doing so, a list of databases will generate based on the type of resources the patron selected. As pictured above, users can click on multidisciplinary databases and receive a list of databases based on that type. 

5. As pictured above, when patrons click on a subject such as American Studies, the name American Studies will appear in the subject box. Underneath the titled subject box will be a list of infoguides developed by subject librarians also to assist patrons with their research.