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This guide provides tutorials on how to navigate our Pepperdine Libraries website as well as how to use some of Pepperdine Libraries' valuable online resources.

How to Find Your Library Account Step by Step Guide

1. Go to our Pepperdine Libraries website 
2. To access your library account, hover over the "Services and Access" tab at the top of the homepage. A drop-down menu will appear, and from this menu, click on My Library Account. 

3. Your library account displays three boxes. The first box lists the number of items you currently have checked out. The second box shows how many holds you have pending. And the third box reveals if you have any charges for long-overdue items.  
4. Underneath the three top boxes are the name of the items you currently have checked out, the renew tab which you can click to renew items, the due date of your items, and any charges. 
5. At the top of the page is the "Contact Information" box. If you click on "View," you will see the contact information associated with your account. 
6. And lastly, at the very top of the homepage underneath the search bar are three helpful links. These links include the Course Reserves tab, which takes you to our course reserves page. The second is the Saved Searches link, which lists your saved searches. And third is the "Chat With Librarian" tab, which instantly gets you in touch with a librarian to answer any questions you may have.