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This guide provides tutorials on how to navigate our Pepperdine Libraries website as well as how to use some of Pepperdine Libraries' valuable online resources.

Ask A Librarian Step by Step Tutorial

1. Go to our Pepperdine Libraries website:

2. The scroll to the middle of the page and click on "Ask A Librarian."

3. After clicking on "Ask A Librarian," you will be taken to the main Library Answers webpage. There are three helpful features on this page.

4. The first is the "FAQ" feature, where you can view highlighted questions, popular questions asked by library patrons, and recent questions. This section is useful to see if there is already an answer to your question. 
5. To the right of the "FAQ" field is the "Submit a question" box. Here you can input your question as well as your name and email so a librarian can get back to you with an answer. 
6. To the right of the "Submit a question" section is the "Live Chat" box. This feature allows you in real-time to get in touch with a librarian or library staff to assist you with your questions.

7. In the "Submit A Question" box, please fill out all five fields before submitting your question. In doing so, the library staff will understand your full question and know who to contact with an answer. 

8. After filling out all of the fields in the "Submit A Question" box, you will be notified that your question has been submitted and will receive an answer soon.