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Learning About COVID-19

This guide pulls together some reputable resources about the COVID-19 virus


This guide pulls together some of the sources which discuss the science behind COVID-19. As the days pass and we learn more, I will add more information to this, and hopefully more resources that will be useful in helping monitor and understand the virus. 

Informative Articles

During the Pepperdine President's briefing given on April 6th, Professor Lee Kats provided several resources that he has found helpful. They are included below, as is his "COVID-19 References" page. 

Marc Lipsitch is a professor of epidemiology and the director of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics at Harvard. Pepperdine professor and Vice Provost Lee Kats recommended articles written by him in the President's briefing given on March 23, 2020.

Free COVID-19 Research Articles

The WHO (World Health Organization) has a list of university presses and medical journals that have provided free access to their articles on COVID-19. The links to these resources are listed below. 

UCLA Mathematician Terry Tao has put together a crowdsourced dataset clearing house which gathers data on the coronavirus from many different sources. They welcome further contributions to the project, and interest in the project should be directed to Terry Tao, who's contact information is included with the data in the link below. This resource was suggested for the page by Professor Courtney Davis. 

Staying Informed

These are all reputable websites that are commonly consulted for reliable information about the COVID-19 virus. They all share similar attributes, but present information from different perspectives as the virus affects Los Angeles, the USA, and the world. 

The following entries are specifically for information in Los Angeles. 

Mental Health During Quarantine

Taking care of mental health during these uncertain times, especially while many people are isolated in their homes. The following websites and articles are meant to be useful resources for handling mental health questions or concerns. 


These are some different Twitter accounts that will be helpful as we learn more about the virus. 

Health Tips