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SOC 200: Introduction to Sociology

This online guide contains customized materials selected by your librarian, in partnership with your professor, to highlight resources you'll need for the research assignment.

Getting Started

Encyclopedias provide wonderful scholarly summaries/ overviews of topics.

  • Sometimes the author of the entry was asked to write because he or she is an expert on the topic - so look for other works he or she has written

  • Reviewing the bibliography, you may find a list of helpful articles. 

Helpful Dictionaries:

Finding Articles

Multidisciplinary Databases: 

 Sociology Subject Specific Databases: 

The Family and Child Development Databases: 

Browsing Sociology Subject Headings

Standardized subject headings are used for subject searches in library catalogs. Some sample subject headings relating to sociology:

Clinical sociology
Criminal Behavior
Deviant Behavior
Group Identity
Organizational Sociology
Political Sociology
Social Change
Social Conditions
Social Conflict
Social Ethics
Social Influence
Social Institutions
Social Problems
Social Psychology
Social Structure
Social Systems
Sociological Aspects
Sociological Jurisprudence
Sociology Research

Additional Dictionaries & Encyclopedias