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PSY 603 Assessment for Marriage and Family Therapies

Validity and Reliability

A very brief definition of Validity and Reliability.

Validity:  How well an instrument measures what it is designed to measure.

Reliability:  How well it measures when used repeatedly.

Databases for Tests and Assessment Instruments

Tests availabe in GSEP office, 5th floor

the Graduate Psychology department maintains nearly 100 published tests and instruments for use by Pepperdine graduate students.  To inquire about the tests and appropriate uses, call the West LA Testing Desk at 310-568-562, or email graduate assistants that staff the desk at:

Books with Assessment Instruments

APA Information on Tests & Instruments

This website provides the American Psychological Association's explanations and definitions about published and unpublished tests and offers a list of steps for researchers to follow in obtaining permission for the use of unpublished tests.

Resources for finding informaton about tests (reviews and applications) are also included.