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Pepperdine's Student Newspapers

Student publications reporting on local and school-related news stories.


The Graphic is part of Pepperdine Graphic Media (PGM). It began publishing in 1937 and is one of Pepperdine’s oldest student organizations.

The Graphic is a co-curricular organization, registered with Inter-Club Council (ICC), and published by Pepperdine University; However, it is a student (not a University) news organization and thus all views expressed will not correspond with those of the University.


All content is student produced by a team trained in the latest journalistic techniques. As a co-curricular program, contributors are not required to complete pre-requisite courses or major/minor in journalism but they can earn credits.  Whether or not students earns credits is for them to decided. Full time staff are eligible for semester scholarships and guest contributes either volunteer their service or earn credits. The Graphic staff is made up of over 80 students from across all majors at Pepperdine.


The Graphic is overseen by a faculty adviser from the journalism department who has professional experience and academic training. The advisers are Dr. Elizabeth Smith, professor and director of Pepperdine Graphic Media; and Courtenay Stallings, assistant director of student publications. 

Last updated 12/21