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New Faculty Orientation

Top things new faculty should know about the library.

Welcome to Pepperdine

How can the Library help you in your teaching and research needs? This guide will quickly walk you through the most relevant library services which you might need as a new faculty member. 

Top Things to Know About the Library

Know your Library Liaison

Each faculty has a Library Liaison. Contact them if you have any questions or requests about library resources and services.

Our Library Liaisons are also very happy to offer you an information session on resources available to you or a tour of the library.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Contact us or your library liaison to place materials on physical reserve at the front desk at Payson or electronic reserve through Courses for your class.

We can also try to find streaming videos for your class.

Request a Class

We conduct many information literacy classes. Contact your library liaison to schedule information literacy instruction.

We also create specific research guides for your class.

We also can work with your students individually.

Suggest a Purchase

Submit your recommendations for books, journals, and audio-visual materials to your library liaison if you wish any of them to be included in our library collections. 

Assistance with Research

We can assist you with your own research. 

Pepperdine Libraries have funds to help cover the expenses of article and book processing charges and other open access publishing expenses. 

Please contact Marc Vinyard ( for scholarly metrics.

Special Collections, Interlibrary Loan and the Genesis Lab


Resources for instruction in Special Collections at Pepperdine.


Books, book chapters and journal articles not included in Pepperdine's collection may be requested through our free Interlibrary Loan service. Through the use of a nationwide computerized library network and cooperative lending agreements with other libraries, eligible Pepperdine University library users have access to library resources nationwide.


The Genesis Lab is Pepperdine's makerspace and home for emerging technologies. An array of high-tech and low-tech resources are available, inviting creative minds to utilize technology in this innovative space.

Resources Available at Pepperdine Libraries