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POSC 424 The Legislative Process (DC Program): Home

The Federal Government

Current Activity in Congress (from THOMAS)

The Legislative Process

  • A bill is introduced in the House or the Senate.
  • The bill is referred to a committee and a subcommittee.
  • The committee and/or the subcommittee hold hearings on the bill.
  • The committee prepares a committee report and reports the bill to the full House or the Senate.
  • The bill is debated on the floor of the House or the Senate.
  • A vote is taken and the bill is passed or defeated.
  • The same procedure is carried out in the other house.
  • When both houses have passed related bills, the bills are referred to a conference committee where members agree to a compromised version.
  • The compromise bill is sent to each house with a conference committee report. A vote is taken and the bill is passed or defeated.
  • If the bill passes both houses, it is sent to the President.

Bills, Resolutions

Committee Reports

Debates (Congressional Record)

Hearings (Selected)

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