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COM 570 Media Law

Find Case Law in LexisNexis Uni

Searching for Cases in Nexis Uni

There are two methods for limiting your searches to Cases in Nexis Uni.

One, use the "Content Types" drop-down menu on the main page.

On the main search page, select "Legal" from the Content Types menu as seen in this screenshot.

Screenshot of Nexis Uni Content Type search filter for Legal


Once you select "Legal," another menu appears from which you can select the types of Cases you'd like to search.

Screenshot of Nexis Uni Content Type menu for Cases filters


Or, two, use the Guided Search template on the home page.

The Guided Search template is right below the main search bar on the home page.  

If you select "Cases" as the answer to "What are you interested in?" the secondary search bars will automatically offer filers for Federal or State Cases and then a search bar specific to Case documents.

Screen shot of Guided Search filters for Cases