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ARTH 300 World Art History II

Useful resources for the study of world art and architecture from the fifteenth century through the present.

Locate articles in databases

Online Resources

Contemporary artists

Locate artists' works on the Internet using a search engine such as Google; or visit a site that collects information about works from over 180,000 artists:

Artsy, a resource for collection and education, aims to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

ARTnews (available on Flipster) reports on the art, personalities, issues, trends and events shaping the international art world.


Reference Sources

For background information, start with an exhaustive reference work such as  Grove Art Online.  Both the 'Guided Tour' and 'Tools and Resources' (available from the Home page) provide useful information on searching Grove/Oxford Art Online. The Oxford Companion to Western Art  edited by Hugh Brigstocke is also part of Oxford Art Online.

To place art and architecture in context, consult Art and Humanities Through the Eras

Bibliographies located in books or at the end of journal articles can be very helpful.  To learn if Pepperdine has access to a particular journal, search for the name of the journal in the library catalog, or use the 'Databases and E-Journals' search feature on the Library's Web site.

Specialized Online Encyclopedias

Streaming Videos

ARTstor images for your paper


Dan-Wobe Mask. 20th century. Wood, paint, brass bells, cloth. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Image available on Artstor,

Find images for your presentation or paper in the database,  ARTstor.  ARTstor images are also retrieved in JSTOR and ARTstor will be moving to JSTOR in summer 2023. Log on to ARTstor, create a personal account and create an image group.  Then view information on how to Export to Power Point

You can search ARTstor by the name of an art work, by geography, by classification (for example, architecture), or by collection (for example, Art History Survey Collection).  Use the Advanced Search to limit by date.  Many ARTstor images can be found on JSTOR by doing an Image search.

Helpful videos on using ARTstor can be found on YouTube 

Local Museum Websites