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ACCT 603 Accounting for Multinational Enterprises

This guide was created to help students locate business data and relevant industry information for their ACCT 603 course.

Company & Industry News

Example: I want to locate current news about my company Snap.

  • Hover over Companies/Markets at the top menu display
  • Select Company from the pull-down list
  • Type Snap into the company name/ticker symbol search box
  • On the resulting Company Snapshot page, scroll to the bottom for news articles

Example: I need to find articles related to the industry specific to Boeing and recent government defense spending.

  • type in boeing in the first search box
  • type in spending or budget in the second search box

Economic Resources

Company Directories

While the library does not subscribe to Dun & Bradstreet's Million $ Directory, you can use Reference USA for company directory searching.

Company Profiles

Example: I need a Hoovers Company Report for Tesla

    Under the heading "What are you interested in?" click the box for "A Publication"
    Type "Tesla" into the box "Search Something Specific
    In Find publication, type "Hoovers Company Records - In-depth Records"
    Click Search
    Locate the Hoovers Company Report for "Tesla, Inc." Hoover's Company Records - In-depth Records


Country Financial Information