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3D Printing

This page provides information about the 3D printing options offered in Genesis Lab, the digital makerspace at Pepperdine University.

3D Printing at Pepperdine

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of making a tangible, three dimensional object from a digital file. 3D printing allows for quick prototyping for engineers or entrepreneurs and new forms of artistic expression. Rolls of plastic, referred to as filament, are heated and extruded through the printer nozzle to build an object layer by layer.

The 3D printers at the Genesis Lab are open to the entire Pepperdine community free of charge. They are available for personal or academic use. To learn more about our 3D printing process, stop by the Genesis Lab (Payson 338) weekdays between 11 & 4 or email us at

How to get started

Finding a premade 3D model

You can search for premade 3D models that are free to download. Simply find your model and come to the Genesis Lab, we can assist in downloading the files and starting the print. 


Designing your own model

3D modeling is easier than you think! We advise starting with Tinkercad, a web-based 3D modeling software that takes less than 10 minutes to learn. Once your design is complete, come to the lab where we can help download and print it. 

Learning the lingo

What exactly is 3D printing? Is it different from additive manufacturing? What is g-code? If you're looking for a quick primer on technology and terminology surrounding 3D printing, we suggest you take a look at this beginner's guide to 3D printing

How-To Guides

Genesis Lab Technology Use Policy


The Genesis Lab provides a space for the Pepperdine Community to work, learn, and create together. This policy establishes guidelines for the use of the technology available through the Genesis Lab.


Our technology may only be used for lawful purposes. It may not be used to create material that is prohibited by local, state or federal law.

Our technology may not be used to create materials that are unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or pose an immediate threat to the safety and well-being of others. 

Our technology is available free of charge to the Pepperdine community. Personal use is welcome (and encouraged!), but priority will be given to academic projects.

Ultimaker 3 Extended

Front facing view of Ultimaker 3 Extended printer

Our Ultimaker 3 Extended has the largest print bed we have available with a build volume of 8.5 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches.

It offers dual extrusion, meaning we can print with two different filaments at once. If using dual extrusion, the build volume is 7.8 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches.

We supply PLA filament in a variety of colors.

More tech specs are available here.

Ultimaker 2+

Our Ultimaker 2+ has a build volume of 8.8 x 8.8 x 8.1 inches. 

We supply PLA filament in a variety of colors. 

More tech specs are available here. 

Dremel 3D45

Front facing view of Dremel 3D45 printer

Our Dremel 3D45 has a 10 x 6 x 6.7 inches.

We supply PLA filament in a variety of colors.

More tech specs available here.