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Resources for the study of Philosophy

Getting Started

These online sources are good places to start your philosophy-related research. For quick reference, hold your mouse over a link for a brief description of the resource.

For more suggested sources, go to the tabs at the top of the page.

Selected Philosophy Journals

Ancient Philosophy v. 1(1980)+

Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie v. 80(1998)+

Faith and Philosophy v.7(1990)+ available in Payson Library

International journal for philosophy of religion v. 41(1997)+ available in SpringerLink

Journal of Philosophy (ISSN:0022362X) v.18(1921)-v.101(2004) available in JSTOR

Journal of Philosophy (ISSN:0022362X) v. 100(2003)+ available at publisher's site

Philosophical Review v.109(2000)+ at Duke University Press; v.1(1892)-v.115(2006) availalbe in JSTOR

Philosophical Topics v.12(1981+ available in Payson Libary

Southern Journal of Philosophy v.35(1997)+ available in Wiley Online Library

Databases & Online Reference Works about Philosophy