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NUTR 210 Contemporary Issues in Nutrition

Getting Background Info on Your Topic

Choosing a Topic

Broad then narrow 

Start with a broad topic and then narrow it based on the scholarly literature you find. The more research you conduct, the easier it is narrow your search. 

Research what you like 

It is much mentally easier to research something that you are interested in or think will be useful to you 

Browse through current events

It is perfectly fine to find inspiration for your topic through the news and media. You never know what can help you find a topic. 

Ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask for help from your professors and librarians. That is what we are here for! The research process takes time and can be a bit frustrating especially on a collegiate level. You will also discover that you are not the only one who is having a difficult time. 

Conducting Research

Use the library databases and journals

Use the Reference lists on articles to find others that might be relevant

Look at the authors of your articles. 

  • Are any of these authors such experts in their field that you should track down other articles by him/her?

Develop additional keywords to use in your searches by looking at the journal articles you find. 

Focus on finding peer reviewed/scholarly articles

Look for a variety of sources

  • such as books in addition to just journal articles

Use the abstract (summary) of the journal article to determine relevance, learn more about your topic, etc.

Organize your sources

  • Citation organizers such as Zotero are helpful