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Business Industry Guide: Medical Devices (as of Summer 2020): Industry and Market Demographic Research

Researching the medical devices and healthcare industry? Use the resources in this guide!

Medical Devices Market & Industry Information

The Health Care Equipment & Supplies Industry Profile provided within S&P Net Advantage provides medical device trends and is recommended. Click on Industry Surveys and locate Health Care Equipment & Supplies within the list of results.

IBIS World will assist you with the following aspects of your research:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis (detailed market share)
  • Foreign Entry Potential
  • Distribution

Example: I am looking for different distribution avenues for the medical devices industry in the US.

  • Type medical into the search box and click search
  • Look at Industry Reports - US and click on <more> to see all of the related reports listed below:
    • Medical Device Manufacturing in the US
    • Glucose Meter Manufacturing in the US
    • Pacemaker Manufacturing in the US
    • Hearing Aid Manufacturing in the US

Example: I want to understand more about the business environment for health care in the US.

  • Find  the link to the U.S. Business Environment Profiles on the IBIS World Homepage under the search box. These one page reports are available on spending on health. Locate the business environment profile for Health Expenditure.

Passport will assist you with the following aspects of your research:

  • Situation/Market Analysis

Example: I am looking for figures on the estimated growth  healthcare products in the United States.

  • Type medical devices into the search box and click search
  • locate the briefing "Top Countries to Drive Medical Device Manufacturing​" in the Analysis column results list
  • Includes figures for 2011-2016 spending on R&D related to medical equipment in the US and presents forecast for global and US spending
  • Note: this report provides short overview of countries (including the US) expected to lead the medical device manufacturing market through 2025.

Trends in Digital Health

Business Source Premier has many academic, scholarly, and trade publications that can help you understand the medical device industry and marketing to consumers.

Example: I need articles on marketing medical devices

  • Type medical devices into the first box
  • Type marketing into the second box

Example: I need articles on the future of the health care industry

  • Type healthcare into the first box
  • Type trends into the second box 

eMarketer contains many key data points related to consumer behavior as well as the digital health care market.

Example: I need information related to the integration of digital health technologies 

  • From the eMarketer home page, type in digital health
  • Click Go
    • chart: What Do Younger Healthcare Professionals* Worldwide Feel Are the Most Beneficial Digital Health Technologies**? (% of respondents, Dec 2019)
    • podcast audio article: The Rise of Voice-Activated Healthcare

Example: I need spending data for the digital health industry

  • From the eMarketer home page, select the category Industries below the search box
  • Select Healthcare & Pharma
    • US Healthcare and Pharma Digital Ad Spending 2019


While helpful for finding Industry/Market research, Passport is also a good source of information for understanding the digital health consumer. 

Example: I want to know how digital consumers are purchasing vitamins and supplements

  • Type consumer health into the search box in the upper right corner of the Passport home page
  • Locate the following report Briefing: Where Consumers Shop for Consumer Health (January 2020)

Understanding the Consumer

Mintel will assist you with the following aspects of your research:

  • Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Demographics & Psychographics
  • Distribution
  • Pricing

Example: I want to understand demographic differences in health marketing

  • type health marketing into the search box and click search to find the following reports
    • Health Management Trends - January 2020
    • Marketing Health to Millennials - May 2018

Example: I want to find data related to consumer perceptions of technology used in health care management

  • Type  Managing Your Health into the search box and click search
    • Locate the report with this title (data on consumer app usage for health self-care within)
  • Type digital health into the search box and click search
    • Locate the report Health Technology Trends - March 2019