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Business Industry Guide: Lawn Pest Control (as of Summer 2020): Industry and Market Research

Doing research on B2B pest control for lawns? Use the resources in this guide!

Understanding the Industry and the Landscape of the Target Market

The resource highlighted below is the top pick for industry and market research anticipated for this particular E2B case and is not intended to represent all business databases that provide industry and market reports. For additional resources, please refer to the Graziadio Marketing Classes Library Research Guide.

IBIS World will assist you in better understanding the industry this company is in along with the markets it supplies and is helpful with the following aspects of your research:

  • Situation/Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis (detailed market share)
  • Foreign Entry Potential
  • Distribution

Example: I am looking to understand the pesticides industry.

Type pesticides into the search box and click search. Relevant reports from the results list include:

  • 32532 - Pesticide Manufacturing in the US
  • C1932-GL - Global Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturing 
  • 56173 - Landscaping Services in the US 
  • 56171 - Pest Control in the US

Example: I am looking to understand the issues affecting owners of country clubs and golf courses in the United States

Type golf into the search box and click search. Relevant reports include:

  • 71391 - Golf Courses & Country Clubs in the US
  • 71399 - Golf Driving Ranges & Family Fun Centers in the US