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Expedited Book Delivery for Faculty: About

This guide provides information on Expedited Book Delivery for faculty during the Fall 2020 semester.

Expedited Book Delivery for Faculty

Starting this fall, faculty have access to an exclusive service called Expedited Book Delivery, where physical materials from the collections at Payson Library, Drescher Library, and the Calabasas campus can be borrowed and delivered to your office or residence. (If you'd rather pick up your books at Payson Library instead, learn more about our Payson Patio Pickup service.)

  • Use our form to submit your book requests - step by step instructions below. 
  • If you request multiple items, we will batch them together.
  • Requested materials will be sent out weekly on Wednesdays. 
  • Please request what you need and we'll do our best to get it to you. 

Step by Step Instructions for Expedited Book Delivery

  • Visit the Pepperdine Libraries catalog
  • Follow the eligibility guidelines outlined below to ensure we can fill your request
  • Let us know how you want to receive your titles! Use the PICKUP DELIVERY NOTES field on the request form to indicate whether you prefer:
    a.) Payson Patio Pickup;
    b.) deliver to your home (include your address); 
    c.) deliver to interoffice mail. 

A screen capture that directs users to the different areas of the catalog that illustrate where to check to determine whether the title is a print book or DVD, held at Payson, Drescher, or Calabasas, and is currently Available.


Request a Book Form


More Questions about Expedited Book Delivery? Contact Us

Contact our Head of Access Services, Sally Bryant, at