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Aliento Program Resource Information: Locating Resources

This guide is intended to help the students of the Aliento program discover resources that are available to them through the university library.


In order to locate any resources, the gateway to finding this information will always begin by starting at the Pepperdine University Library homepage

1. As seen below highlighted in yellow, the search bar is where you would enter information for our library database to search for your requested item. This could be anything from an Author, Book/Article Title, ISBN number, OCLC number, or any other useful information that will lead the database to find the correct item you are searching for.  



2. For the following example, I typed in "Harry Potter" into the search field and hit enter. 

Once the results populated, I want you to take note of the items highlighted in yellow.

  • The box located on the left side of the webpage will hold your filtration parameters for any search you conduct.
  • I chose to use "Harry Potter" for this example because I know this search would populate material in a variety of formats. The filtration box is designed to help you locate the right material. If you are looking for a Harry Potter in a book format you would click the radio button that is highlighted with the word "Book". This will filter the results to show only the titles that are in book form. Likewise, you would do the same if you were looking for the DVD series.
  • You may also find the author and year filtration methods useful during your searches as it will allow you to refine the populated content making it easier for you to find the correct material.
  • As a side note, when professors ask you to use scholarly articles for your research quite often those articles will need to be peer-reviewed. In order to filter your results to only include materials (mainly journals) that have been peer-reviewed, you will need to click on the radio button that will filter for these articles. In the below example, the peer-reviewed option is the second highlighted box in the left filtration box area.