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Psychology (Seaver)

Welcome to the Psychology research guide!

Throughout this guide, you will find resources to help you through the research process as you work on various assignments. On this page you will see a brief discussion of the steps involved in the research process and useful links to assist you educationally at Pepperdine. The other pages on this guide will assist you in locating relevant information. If you have any questions regarding your research, Pepperdine Libraries, or anything on this guide please do not hesitate to reach out.

The Research Process: An Overview

Below are the steps of conducting research. As a reminder, the research process is iterative, meaning you will go back to earlier stages within the process after making adjustments and learning new information.

  1. Choose your topic
  2. Locate background information on your topic
  3. Formulate a research question
  4. Find useful materials
  5. Read, analyze, and evaluate your materials
  6. Organize your materials
  7. Write and Cite

If you have any questions

Contact me!
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