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THEA 100 Theatre Rendering Techniques (Babinskaya)

This online guide contains customized materials selected by your librarian in partnership with your professor in order to highlight helpful resources you can use to complete your research assignment.

Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

The story concerns a group of Royal Marines and convicts in a penal colony in New South Wales, in the 1780s -Wiki

Who are the fashion leaders?   Uniforms are dictated by the government usually so maybe check the Royal Marines archive
What are the different classes/occupations and ages wearing?
  • Royal Marines (Sailors?): maybe various ranks from low, middle and aristocrat.
  • Convicts: poor men (convicts) working class. 
What are the names of your historic period and or fashion trends?   
  • Time Period - 1780s /  Georgian era or The Georgian period
  • Designers - Marines, government - what where poor people wearing?
  • Styles - 
  • Publications & Art -
    • Sailors - Portraits, Paintings/Photographs of sailors before they ship out. Maybe recruitment Advertisements 
    • Convicts - 
  • Regions - English men in New South Wales