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THEA 101 Theatre Rendering Techniques (Babinskaya)

This online guide contains customized materials selected by your librarian in partnership with your professor in order to highlight helpful resources you can use to complete your research assignment.


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American Cities in the 1940s

to learn more about the economic reality of black city neighborhoods search for articles coving that topic.

Examples Search:

African Americans OR black Americans OR blacks

AND nineteen forties OR 1940s

AND American cities OR Detroit

Also explore the impact Jazz had on communities :


AND Detroit

AND society or culture or fashion

Finding Books on the Shelf

Finding Books. Library of Congress Classification System:

T -Technology
TT-Handicrafts. Arts and crafts

TT490-695 Clothing manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring

GT- manors and customs 

GT500-2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion

N-Fine Arts
ND- Paintings


HIST. of Fashion (Secondary Survey Info. & Primary Docs.)

When you are researching fashion ask yourself:

Who are the fashion leaders?   the answer may figures in society (ex: Queen Victoria, movie stars...), countries (Ex: The French), or stylists. 
What are the different classes/occupations and ages wearing? A young student, an old servant, middle-aged governess, old Aristocrat ...
What are the names of your historic period and or fashion trends?   
  • Time Period (range late 1890-1910; you stop at 1903 but fashion overviews cover ten-year periods ex:1900-1910)
  • Designers - Jeanne Paquin... House of ...
  • Styles - Victorian, Edwardian, la belle Époque, Gibson Girl Era... S-curve silhouette ...
  • Publications & Art -Magazines, Portraits, Paintings/Photographs, Advertisements, Sewing Pattern Catalogs (ex: McCall's patterns)   
  • Regions - London (men) Paris and Vienna (women)? & Russia (keep in mind that even if you're researching London fashion it could be heavily influenced by fashion trends from France - remember the 1st question about fashion leaders. Also, the reverse can be true don't assume Men in New York are wearing the same thing as men in London.)

Books & Primary Sources

  • Magazines & Catalogs

  • Books

  • Archives Databases

  • Museum Online Exhibits 

Tip: If you conduct a google search for images, then check to see if the image includes: A) facts about what the image is depicting (i.e. location, date...) B) information about who took the image and/or where it is now (i.e. photographer, newspaper, museum, archive, etc.) Use the information provided to confirm the authenticity. For example, visit the source's location (archive, museum, website...) to verify the data provided and learn more about the collection.  

Paradise Blue by Dominique Morriseau set in 1949 in Black Bottom Detroit

Street/family Photo's I have found don't show a completely different fashion for Black/African American communities. Additionally, there isn't a huge difference between Vogue and Ebony. Instead, the women and men are wearing the trends of the decade that they can afford, so you can look at the fashion of the era.

You will need to research what people in this neighborhood could afford. 

More about the Neighborhood