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PhD in Global Leadership and Change

This guide will provide access to research resources relevant to your coursework throughout the PhD program

Cabell's database

Cabell's is a directory of scholarly journals:  the database helps authors locate journals that might publish his/her article by providing information about journal submission guidelines, acceptance rates, review process and other pertinent information about journals in areas of business, education, and psychology.

Calls for Papers (Find a topic...)

1.    Read a research paper recently that piqued you interest?  Look for the "Recommendations for further research" section for ideas.  
2.    Look for "calls for Papers" announcements on journal publishers' websites

Consider This!

make sure your colleagues can find your article!!...

1.   Is the journal indexed in major library research databases?   If not, no-one will find it or, of course, read it.  Your librarian can help you figure this out.  Usually this information is included on the publisher's website.  You can also ask the editor about this.

2.   Does your library have a subscription to the journal?  This question could be answered by exploring #1; your librarian may tell you that the journal is included in a database the library subscribes to.  If not, however, make sure the library has a print subscription. And check that other major libraries provide access to it as well. You want to publish in a journal that is easily accessible to your colleagues, both locally and globally.