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Assessment for Marriage and Family Therapies: Psychology Videos

This guide includes information on doing general Psychology research using the resources available at Pepperdine. In addition, the guide includes resources for finding tests and instruments.

Counseling and Therapy in Video

This guide will introduce you to the Video collections within Alexander Street Press. To date Pepperdine has a subscription to: Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1. These 356 videos range from approximately 20 minutes to over an hour; the average length is just under an hour. The content includes therapy sessions (actual, reenacted, or scripted), experts discussing therapeutic approaches and analyzing examples, and presentations in which noted therapists lecture about issues in the mental health field. The videos are accompanied by written transcripts, which scroll as the video plays and highlight the corresponding text; many include teaching guides. The videos included in this collection can be used freely for educational purposes.

Search Tips for Counseling and Therapy in Videos

Search Tips

Tip 1: Keep searches simple and specific. For example, to find Adlerian therapy, you only need to enter: Adlerian.

Tip 2: Try double-checking your spelling before giving up a search.

Tip 3: Word order, case and punctuation are not important. For example, Allen Ivey may be entered: Ivey Allen

Tip 4: You can enter more than one term in each search box. For instance, if you wish to find all videos featuring either cognitive or behavioral therapy, use the Basic search box and enter: cognitive behavioral

Tip 5: When using the Advanced Search interface, try to use the most appropriate term box for your search.

Tip 6: Enter terms in the singular, e.g. "session" not "sessions"

Tip 7: If your advanced search produces no results, try using a Boolean 'OR' search instead and reducing the number of search terms entered. offers inspiring and informative counseling and therapy videos. 

The Exclusive Collection includes 138 titles with a total run time exceeding 224 hours. There are several series in this collection, including “ACT in Action,” “Couples Therapy with the Experts,” “Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment,” “Evidence-Based Treatment Planning Series,” and “Family Therapy with the Experts,” among others.

The collection is searchable by keyword, expert, therapeutic issue, and client population. Users can create clips, view transcripts, and download instructor’s manuals to easily explore, present, and share videos with colleagues, students, or interns.