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Assessment for Marriage and Family Therapies: Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print

This guide includes information on doing general Psychology research using the resources available at Pepperdine. In addition, the guide includes resources for finding tests and instruments.

Overview of Mental Measurements Yearbook with tests in Print

The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is a book series produced and published by the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements at the University of Nebraska. The MMY includes timely, consumer-oriented test reviews that provide evaluative information to promote and encourage informed test selection. Typical MMY test entries include descriptive information, one or two professional reviews, and reviewer references. To be reviewed in the MMY a test must be commercially available, be published in the English language, and be new, revised, or widely used since it last appeared in the MMY series. Beginning in The Fourteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook, tests also must provide sufficient documentation supporting their technical quality to meet criteria for review. Over 2,700 testing instruments have been reviewed since the MMY began publication in 1938. Each edition of the MMY is unique in that the editors vary and the information contained in them varies. So reviews that appear in the Sixteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook will not appear in the Seventeenth Mental Measurements Yearbook and vice versa. 

Tests in Print (TIP) lists all known commercially available tests currently in print in the English language. The latest volume of TIP also serves as a comprehensive index to ALL EDITIONS of the MMY published to date. TIP provides test information including test purpose, test publisher, in-print status, price, test acronym, intended test population, administration times, publication date(s), and test author(s).

The electronic database Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print, available to libraries by subscription, combines access to the MMY and TIP in a single electronic interface. Users can simultaneously access both current descriptions of available tests and their most recent test reviews in one interface. All editions of the MMY from edition 1 to the current are included in the database, and it is updated every 6 months to ensure timely access to current information.

Alphabetical List of Tests in MMY

The following is a complete list of tests reviewed in the Mental Measurements Yearbook series, from the 9th MMY (1985) through the present. Includes ordering information and a link to individual test reviews that may be obtained through Test Reviews Online.


The first section of an MMY record is the TEST ENTRY, and the second section is the REVIEW--The Review is writtenby individual authors, not the editors.  All tests have a least one review, many have two, and few have three.

Below is a sample entry (abbreviated so as not to infringe on the publisher's copyright):

Faculty Morale Scale for Institutional Improvement.
Purpose: Designed "as a diagnostic instrument—an attitudinal fact-finding device."
Population: Faculty Members
Scores: Total score only.
Administration: Group.
Price Data, 2001: $3 per specimen set.
Time: Administration time not reported
Author: A Local Chapter Committee, American Association of University Professors.
Publisher: Psychometric Affiliates

Review of the Faculty Morale Scale for Institutional Improvement by KEITH HATTRUP, Associate Professor of Psychology, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA:
DESCRIPTION. The Faculty Morale Scale for Institutional Improvement is a paper-and-pencil measure of faculty members' attitudes toward their jobs and universities. It includes 34 items that are rated with a 5-point Likert scale. As stated in the manual, the goals of the inventory are to provide diagnostic information about…

Can I get the actual test?

In general, no.

Tests of a scholarly nature are not easily acquired--this is why:

-Access to many "real" tests is restricted; often only to licensed counselors or professors teaching in the field. 

-Teal tests are copyrighted and may only be acquired by purchase.  The quality of the test materials is ensured by the fact that they are professionally published.  The authors of thest, either individual or corporate, are entitled to profit from their work

-Making tests openly available may invalidate them.  Tests that you can find online, while entertaining, are rarely scientifically valid