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Research and Evaluation Methods for Mental Health Professionals: Psychology Videos

This research guide will point you toward online research resources and strategies available to you as scholars doing research at Pepperdine. Use this guide throughout the research process to help you have the best support for your research.

Counseling and Therapy in Video

This guide will introduce you to the Video collections within Alexander Street Press. To date Pepperdine has a subscription to: Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume 1. These 356 videos range from approximately 20 minutes to over an hour; the average length is just under an hour. The content includes therapy sessions (actual, reenacted, or scripted), experts discussing therapeutic approaches and analyzing examples, and presentations in which noted therapists lecture about issues in the mental health field. The videos are accompanied by written transcripts, which scroll as the video plays and highlight the corresponding text; many include teaching guides. The videos included in this collection can be used freely for educational purposes.

Embedded Video

This video series demonstrates how to generate more authentic and genuine multicultural dialogues and relationships and is an outgrowth of Dr. Gallardo's book Developing Culturally Humility: Embracing Race, Privilege, and Power. The videos contain dialogues between white psychologists and psychologists who represent historically devalued communities. They discuss their personal and professional journeys and their ongoing goal of centralizing multicultural and social justice issues. The video series instructs viewers how to better situate themselves in difficult dialogues, particularly at times when they might feel offended, don't feel like they belong in the conversation, or simply do not have the energy to continue. These dialogues inform viewers how to think about enhancing their capacity to engage while creating more genuine and authentic multicultural relationships. The videos serve as a useful tool for professional development workshops, classroom discussions, and in professional

Search Tips for Counseling and Therapy in Video

Search Tips

Tip 1: Keep searches simple and specific. For example, to find Adlerian therapy, you only need to enter: Adlerian.

Tip 2: Try double-checking your spelling before giving up a search.

Tip 3: Word order, case and punctuation are not important. For example, Allen Ivey may be entered: Ivey Allen

Tip 4: You can enter more than one term in each search box. For instance, if you wish to find all videos featuring either cognitive or behavioral therapy, use the Basic search box and enter: cognitive behavioral

Tip 5: When using the Advanced Search interface, try to use the most appropriate term box for your search.

Tip 6: Enter terms in the singular, e.g. "session" not "sessions"

Tip 7: If your advanced search produces no results, try using a Boolean 'OR' search instead and reducing the number of search terms entered.

Creating Playlists

Creating a Playlist

A playlist is simply a selection of media (text, images, videos, clips, tracks, URLs) that are grouped together. You can create your own playlists, in addition to the many that are already available on the service. Any playlists you create are saved in My Playlists. You can access them whenever you log onto your personal account on our service from any location.

Creating your own playlists takes just a few clicks. When you have found the item you want, just choose to Add to Playlist. You will then be offered one of two options:

'Create a new playlist'. Type in a title for your new playlist and it will automatically be created with your chosen track as the first track.

'Select one of your current playlists'. The titles of your current playlists will be listed, and you simply click on one to add the item to that playlist.

Similarly, you can add ANY outside URL to a playlist. This could be a link to an online course syllabus, paper published on the web, or article in another database. To add outside URLs to playlists, simply copy the URL and paste into the 'URL' field in the 'add item to playlist' screen.

After you have added to a playlist, you can choose to view that playlist, or continue browsing the database.

Remember to sign in or establish a profile (in the upper right of all pages) to save your playlists from session to session

DVD's for the Latina/o Counseling in the Irvine Library

Culturally alert counseling : a 6-DVD set on working with African American, Asian, Latino/Latina, conservative religious, and gay/lesbian youth clientsEdit/Delete

Call Number: VIDEO .C858 DVD
Disc 3 is "Working with Latino/Latina clients (20 min., c2009)"
"Guided, explicit demonstrations of how to seamlessly infuse culture into counseling sessions"

Includes a resource guide for working with Latino/Latina Clients: