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SPAD 280 .01-02: Introduction to Sport Administration (Watson): Articles

Search Tips

Tips for effective searching:

  • Pick the essential keywords for your topic
  • Words such as impact, effect, affected, etc. should NOT be used in your searches
  • Word typed next to each other are searched as a phrase
  • Select your keywords and phrases and type them into separate boxes.


Narrowing down topics


Too Broad: Globalization of sports

Narrower topic: Globalization and baseball


Too Broad: Ethics in sports

Narrower topic: NCAA violations


Scholarly Articles

Example: I need articles on the efforts to control sports fans.
  • Login into either SPORTSDiscus, Business Source Premier or PsycINFO
  • Click Choose Databases at the top of the screen
  • Make sure that boxes for SPORTSDiscus, Business Source Premier and PsycINFO are selected and click OK
  • Type sports spectators into the first box
  • Type control into the second box and click search

Combine sports spectators with other terms such as:

  • violence
  • alcohol
  • security

Try combining sports with crowd control

You can also limit your search to a specific sport by typing the name of that sport into another box.


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