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ART 103 Observational Drawing (Lausanne): Portfolios

Introduces responsive, observational drawing from still lives and live models while working with a variety of drawing tools

A Word to the Wise

The format, size, and style of your portfolio will probably depend greatly on where you're planning to submit it. Don't send the same CD-ROM to every place you apply whether it's an art school or a gallery. Even art schools all have different requirements for portfolios, so do your homework beforehand.

Suggestions for Creating a Portfolio

  • Photographing Your Artwork
    The hardest part of creating a portfolio can be to take good pictures of your work. This site has some tips about shooting your work and then goes over some Photoshop methods of cleaning up the images.
  • Documenting Your Work - Emerging Artist Guide
    Images of your work are what get people interested in what you are doing. Because of this, documenting your work properly is one of the most important investments you can make as an artist and entrepreneur.
  • National Portfolio Day
    Sometimes the biggest favor you can do for yourself is get a professional to look over your portfolio and tell you what they think. National Portfolio Day exists for this exact purpose--you can meet with representatives from colleges (there are days for undergraduate and graduate students in art and architecture).

Writing Artists' Statements