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FRE 366 Les études francophones II (Francophone Studies II)- Dr. Kelle Keating Marshall: Other Resources

Liste de Sites Mediatiques

Jeune Afrique
One of the best reference sites of African news for adolescents. JeuneAfrique, a weekly magazine, publishes articles targeting a younger reading audience. By reading JeuneAfrique students will gain awareness of African political affairs.
Daily news over events in Africa. Good source of articles on African society and culture. Access to blog.
Extensive news coverage for Africa and the entire Caribbean.

Main portal to Maghreb-related websites.

One of the principal sources of Moroccan daily news.

Haiti Press Network
Website dedicated to Haitian news: economy, politics, society, sport.
Extensive news on African, Caribbean and French culture and society. World news from a francophone perspective. Biographies of important cultural and political characters throughout history.
Haitian Times
ENG. Online edition of the weekly magazine.

Air France Poster 1964

Other Internet Sources