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GSCL 199.02 Jews and Germans Then and Now (Stimmel): Peer Review

What is Peer Review?

Peer Review is a process by which scholarly work or research (often articles) are subjected to evaluation by other experts on the topic. Reviewers judge the work by its originality, accuracy of information, importance to the field, research methodology, and other criteria to determine if it is worthy of publication. Peer Review is also sometimes called "refereed".

Scholarly is a broader category, that includes  peer review and review by editors who are experts in the subject. Both are very different from regular magazine articles which are usually reviewed by a professional editor who isn't an expert in the subject.

How it works:

Is the article Peer Reviewed?

Search the Serials Directory to find out if a journal is categorized as Scholarly / Peer Reviewed.

1.  Type the name of the journal in the search box and select TI Title from the dropdown.

Serials Directory Search Example


2.  Scroll down to Limits and select the check box next to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

Serials Directory Limits


3.  If the journal is in your result set, then you know that research articles in the journal are peer reviewed. When you click on the journal title in your result set you can scroll down and see that Peer Reviewed is labeled Yes.

  • Serials Directory
    Information about over 150,000 journals. Includes a search limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.