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ENG 426 Whitman and Dickinson

This course will study the poetry and prose of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

Informational Databases

Search for online books

Some alternate editions of the assigned readings may be found online.  For example the Hathi Trust Public Domain collection includes these two editions of Leaves of Grass:

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Philadelphia: D. McKay, Washington Square, 1900. [including a fac-simile autobiography, variorum readings of the poems and a department of gathered leaves]

Whitman, Walt, and Valenti Angelo. Leaves of Grass. New York: Modern Library, 1933. [comprising all the poems written by Walt Whitman following the arrangement of the edition of 1891-'2.]

Literature Specific Databases

Here are more Literature Specific Databases that you should search for your topic in.

Why Google Scholar?

Question: Why would you use Google Scholar?

Answer: Google Scholar identifies scholarly research materials from a broad range of subject areas.

Google Scholar offers a "cited by" feature - it will display a list of documents which cited the document you originally retrieved. This can be useful in determing how influential a source has been.  The list only includes documents available in Google Scholar, though.

Go into the preferences of Google Scholar and select Pepperdine University from Library Links.