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ECNM 477 Macroceconomics (Jasso): EBL Bookmarks

EBL Online Bookmarks

When reading an EBL title online you can create notes against individual pages within an ebook.  Notes are often referred to as “Bookmarks” within the EBL interface.  EBL will automatically save your online Bookmarks, so the notes may be accessed on later sessions.  All of your EBL activities, including Bookmarks, are private.

To create a Bookmark in the online reader, click the Notes tab to the left of your active page:

Then, enter a title and contents for your Bookmark.  You can also copy and paste text from the ebook into the note. 

Once you create a Bookmark in the online reader it is automatically saved.  You can then access it in the current or later sessions from the Notes tab in the EBL Online Reader, the Bookmarks tab on the detailed record for the title, and the Bookmarks link on the EBL home page:

The Bookmarks link on the EBL home page will access all of your EBL Bookmarks.  If you click on the Bookmark title or page number, you will access the full text of a note. 

If you click on the link adjacent to the Bookmark text, you will navigate to that page within the ebook.

You can also export your EBL Bookmarks in text format or formatting compatible with Refworks® or Endnote®.  To export, simply click on the “export” link and choose your format:

To delete Bookmarks, access the bookmark in the online reader and click the “delete” option: