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ECNM 477 Macroceconomics (Jasso): Your EBL Bookshelf

Your EBL Bookshelf

Your EBL Bookshelf facilitates easy access to any titles you are currently borrowing, titles you have recently accessed, and your EBL Collections.

You can access your EBL Bookshelf by going directly to the EBL home page: and you will automatically land on your Bookshelf.  You can also navigate to your Bookshelf from the detailed record for a title by clicking on the Bookshelf tab.

If you are reading a title in the EBL Online Reader, simple click on the “EBL” link in the right-hand corner of the reader to go directly to your Bookshelf.

Your EBL Bookshelf: 

Clicking on the icons “Current Loans” or “Recently Accessed” will pull up the corresponding titles on your Bookshelf.  You can access each title within the EBL Online Reader by clicking on the cover image.

Collections are virtual lists that you can create, manage, and share.  To access your Collections or create a new Collection, click on the My Collections icon or the My Collections tab.

To add a title to an existing Collection or a new Collection, click on a title’s cover image from your bookshelf, search results, or detailed records and drag the cover image to the top of your screen.  Your Collections will appear.  Drop the title into a Collection or create a new Collection

To delete, manage or share a Collection, click the My Collections tab or icon.  Then, click on the desired Collection.  The title list and actions menu for the Collection will appear.

To access any title in the Collection, click on the title link or cover image.  Using the actions menu at the top of the screen, you can merge the Collection with another, re-name, and delete the Collection.  You also can print a list of the titles, export a comma-separated (.csv) file of the list, and email the list to yourself or others.  When you email the list or export a .csv file, the URLs for each title will be included and recipients can access the titles directly from those links. 


On 2/11/11 10:16 AM, "" <> wrote:

Robin has sent you this EBL ebook collection.
Access to the ebooks below is restricted to University of Vermont patrons.

Title: "Why Ask My Name?" : Anonymity and Identity in Biblical Narrative
Author: Reinhartz, Adele
Publisher: Oxford University Press (US)
Publication Date: 1998
ISBN: 9780195356717

Title: Indian Feminisms : Law, Patriarchies and Violence in India
Author: Gangoli, Geetanjali
Publisher: Ashgate
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN: 9780754683483


Your EBL Bookshelf, activity history, and Collections are private.  Other students, faculty, or staff cannot see your information.  You Collections will be stored indefinitely, until you chose to delete.