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ENG 380 Early American Women Writers: Home

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In keeping with the mission of Seaver College, this course seeks to “provide a link between the knowledge and wisdom of the past and present with the challenges of the future” by examining women writers and their lives in the American colonial period. In order to prepare the students of Pepperdine University for lives of “purpose, service, and leadership,” this course emphasizes the varying perspectives and experiences of the women so students can learn to understand and value different viewpoints.

The Coquette

The Coquette cover

In 1797, Hannah Webster Foster (1758-1840), wife of a Brighton Reverend, published the first novel written by an American-born woman, The Coquette, or the history of Eliza Wharton, which was based on the life of the poet Eliza Whitman (1752- 1788).

"Peabody: The Coquette" Literary Map. Massachusetts Center for the Book, 12 Nov. 2007.  Web. 1 May 2014.

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Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans 1639-1800

Commonly referred to as the Evans Collection, this resource is comprised of a vast range of publications, including advertisements, almanacs, bibles, broadsides, catalogs, charters and by-laws, contracts, cookbooks, elegies, eulogies, laws, maps, narratives, novels, operas, pamphlets, plays, poems, primers, sermons, songs, speeches, textbooks, tracts, travelogues, treaties and more. The imprints in Series I are expertly indexed and may be browsed by genre, subjects, author, history of printing, place of publication and language.

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Cambridge History of English and American Literature

A comprehensive encyclopedia of English and American literature derived from individual print editions of The Cambridge History of English literature and The Cambridge History of American literature, published between 1907 and 1921. The Cambridge History contains over 303 chapters and 11,000 pages.  Essay topics range from poetry, fiction, drama and essays to history, theology and political writing. The set encompasses a wide selection of writing on orators, humorists, poets, newspaper columnists, religious leaders, economists, Native Americans, song writers, and even non-English writing, such as Yiddish and Creole.

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