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ARTH 434 Nineteenth-Century Art

Nineteenth century art and architecture, including Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Symbolism

Getting Started

For background information, start with   Grove Art Online.  Both the 'Guided Tour' and 'Tips for Users' (available from the Home page) provide useful information on searching Grove/Oxford Art OnlineOxford Art Online also includes the Encyclopedia of Aesthetics and The Oxford Companion to Western Art.

Bibliographies located in books or at the end of journal articles can be very helpful.  To learn if Pepperdine has access to a particular journal, search for the name of the journal in the library catalog.


Art History Databases

Other Helpful Databases

These online sources include articles about art, art history, history, and culture.

Useful Subject Headings for 19th Century Art

  • Artistic collaboration
  • Art, Modern--19th century
  • Art and photography
  • Criticism--History--19th century
  • Design--History--19th century
  • Feminism and art
  • Painting, French--19th century
  • Scupture, Modern - 19th century
  • Women in art

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