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AEL Collegiate Essay Contest

$2,500 Award Winner

After careful review by the contest judges, we are delighted to announce the sole finalist of the 2023 AEL Collegiate Essay Competition:

Ryan Alezz, Johns Hopkins University

The essay prompt addressed was: "In what ways have the freedoms we enjoy in America positively impacted your life? What advice would you offer to the next president of the United States for securing these freedoms for future generations?" Alezz answered this question in an essay titled "The Resonance of Freedom: A Call to Secure Liberty for Generations to Come." Learn more about Alezz from his statement below.


portrait of Ryan AlezzIn the bustling heart of Baltimore at Johns Hopkins University, I'm charting a path where engineering meets medicine, driven by a passion to heal and innovate. As an Emergency Medical Technician and a Community Health Worker, I've found my calling in the adrenaline-fueled moments of emergency care and in the quiet satisfaction of helping underserved communities navigate public health assistance. These experiences have not only shaped my understanding of healthcare but have also deepened my resolve to make a tangible difference. With each day, my ambition grows to become a physician-engineer, aspiring to merge the meticulous world of engineering with the compassionate realm of medicine to create solutions that elevate patient care and health outcomes. 

-Ryan Alezz