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SW 200 Introduction to Social Work: In Class Exercise

This research guide will point you toward print/online research resources and strategies available to you for your Research Paper Assignment in SW 200


Each student will choose a topic and write a research paper and then present the material in class.  The topic will focus on a sub-group in the United States that has been typically underserved.  The paper will be 4-5 pages, single spaced and 12 font, with one inch margins, APA style.  No title page or abstract is needed. Topics will need to be approved by Sep 16  Outline is due Oct 07.  The topic cannot be changed without prior approval.  You will need to reference a minimum of four professional journal articles, one of which must be a social work journal and include one interview with someone who has had personal or professional experience with this population.  Due date:  Oct 30 at 2 pm.  Late papers, meaning turned in after 2:30, need prior approval and will have at least 5% deducted. They need to be submitted in a hard copy format ONLY. A grading rubric will be posted on Courses under Resources.


.  1.  Introduction.  Include why you chose this topic

   2.  Literature review. (summarize 4 articles) Psychosocial characteristics of this group

   3.  Spiritual/religious component (must cite a reference)

   4.  Interview.  This can be by phone and a family member is ok.

   5.  Possible ethical concerns. (must cite the NASW Code of Ethics)

   6.  Role of a social worker with this population (must cite a reference)

   7.  Summary with implications for future research.

Brainstorming to Plan

Creating A Research Plan

  1. State your topic as a question:
  2. Who cares about your topic(s)?
  3. What type of information will help you answer your question(s)?
  4. Break your question into concepts (aka key terms)
  5. Building A Search (combine key terms)

Ex:  Foster Care System AND aging out 

Start searching for articles in databases...