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PSYC 315 Psychological Testing and Assessment

Basic principles of the construction, administration, and interpretation of group and individual tests of intelligence, personality, interest, and achievement.

Databases with information about instruments

Seaching PsycINFO for test instruments

Find tests/ assessments in journal articles: use the following search example, and includes the searchterm "APPENDED" along with your own keywords or subject descriptors describing the type of measure you seek:

test OR assessment OR scale OR questionnaire OR measure OR survey  
AND eating disorders [thesaurus headings and/or keywords describing your topic]
AND appended

  • Limit the search using the REFINE Search Tab and select Publication Type: "Questionnaire/Scale", "Research Instrument", or "Research Instrument Utilization", or "Research Instrument Validation".

Books that include tests

Reference book with information about instruments

APA Information on tests & Instruments

This website provides the American Psychological Association's explanations and definitions about published and unpublished tests and offers a list of steps for researchers to follow in obtaining permission for the use of unpublished tests.

Resources for finding informaton about tests (reviews and applications) are also included.

Psychological Testing Design & Evaluation

Books on Psychological Assessment

Tips on locating empirical research

To find articles that report on empirical research, some keywords you might want to use:

study, results, discussion, data, variables, limitations, implications, survey, respondents, population, conclusion

Such terms should be searched as keywords rather than subject terms because they reflect the kind of language used in an article describing empirical research, but they are not the topic or subject of the study.