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POSC 104: The American People and Politics: LexisNexis Tips

Students in this class will research a Supreme Court case and will need to locate relevant information in law reviews, Justice biographies, etc.

Lexis Nexis Tips

Using segments, like SUMMARY and/or TITLE can be useful in finding relevant searches as this limits the location of your search terms to these specific parts of the law review article.

By default, Lexis Nexis results are presented by "Source" -- you can (and probably should) re-sort the results by "Relevance."

Cases and Law Reviews in Lexis Nexis are presented in plain text.  This can make it harder to determine which page number(s) a sentence or idea is on.

If you prefer to view the case or law review as a pdf of the original, try the database HeinOnline.

LexisNexis Tips

Looking for a Case?

Browse Landmark US Supreme Court Cases by Topic

Getting Too Many Results from Law Review Search?

Using Segments 

Subject Guide

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