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ART 368 Explorations in Watercolor

Helpful resources in your exploration of concepts, materials, and techniques involved in creating watercolor paintings.

Art supplies online

If you can't find specialty supplies locally (check with your professors for recommendations for local suppliers), here are a few directories and links to online arts suppliers. A link to any commercial supplier does not imply an endorsement by the University Libraries or Pepperdine.

Health & safety information online

  • OSHA Safety and Health Topics page  
    General information topics, including Solvents, Woodworking, Respiration, etc.
  • Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety  
    ACTS is a not-for-profit corporation that provides health, safety, industrial hygiene, technical services, and safety publications to the arts, crafts, museums, and theater communities.
  • Arts and Creative Materials Institute  
    Founded in 1936, ACMI was organized to assist its members in providing the public with art and creative materials for children and artists that are non-toxic.
  • State of California Art Hazards for K-6  
    List of materials that cannot be purchased for K-6 art education per the State of California because of toxicity concerns.
  • Art Safety Training Guide   
    Princeton U. Notice: Training materials found on these pages are provided for the use of Princeton University to meet needs specific to Princeton University. Be aware of info specific to Princeton (procedures, phone numbers, etc.)