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Managing Data Sets: Writing a Data Management Plan


Additional Tools and Templates

What is in a Data Management Plan?

Recommended Components:

  • A description of the project. What is the purpose of the research? What organizations and personnel will be involved in the project?
  • A description of the data that will be collected. What is the nature and format of the data and how will it be collected?
  • The standards that will be used for saving file formats and assigning metadata.
  • Plans for storage and data management. What file formats, backup procedures, and security will be in place?
  • If there are any legal or ethical issues regarding the data collected. For example, if study participants require confidentiality, how will this be protected?
  • Defining access policies and provisions for the data. Will any restrictions be necessary?
  • Identifying a data set repository to store your data to ensure discovery and preservation.
  • Assigning data management responsibilities. Who will be responsible for data management and how will compliance with this plan be monitored and ensured over time?

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