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Managing Data Sets: Data Repositories

Pepperdine Digital Commons

The Pepperdine community is encouraged to use Pepperdine Digital Commons, a digital repository and publication platform designed to collect, preserve, and make accessible the academic output (such as publications, presentations, white papers, data sets, etc.) of Pepperdine faculty, students, staff, and affiliates.  It is the mission of Pepperdine Digital Commons to facilitate the discovery of Pepperdine’s scholarly communications, provide instant access to full text works, and preserve these materials in an open, digital environment.

To begin using this free service, offered through the Pepperdine University Libraries, please contact Bailey Berry at

Click here for data sets at Pepperdine University.


Other Data Repositories

Below is a sample of some of the data repositories available for data storage. Funding agencies and colleagues should be able to provide you with additional resources.

Archives and Repositories for Data - list compiled by the University of Minnesota of data storage repositories. The list is categorized by subject. - is a registry of research data repositories.

DataCite - list compiled by the British Library, Biomed Central, and the Digital Curation Centre that aims to capture the growing number of repositories for research data.

DATAOne - supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation as one of the initial DataNets, DATAOne ensures the preservation, access, use, and reuse of multi-scale, multi-discipline, and multi-national science data via three principle cyberinfrastucture elements and a broad education and outreach program.

Dataverse Network Project - an open source application to publish, share, reference, extract and analyze research data. It facilitates making data available to others and allows to replicate others work.

Dryad - an international repository of data underlying peer-reviewed articles in the basic and applied biosciences.

GenBank - is the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences. The database is designed to provide and encourage access within the scientific community to the most up to date and comprehensive DNA sequence information.

ICPSR - an international consortium of about 700 academic institutions and research organizations that provides leadership and training in data access, curation, and methods of analysis for the social science research community. This is a fee based service. Pepperdine is a member.

Research Data Repositories - list complied by Duke University Libraries of data storage repositories. The list is categorized by subject.

Data Repositories in the OAD - a list of data repositories maintained by the Open Access Directory (OAD), which is hosted by Simmons College. The list is categorized by subject.