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This guide was created by your librarian to help you get started on your physics research

Subject Guide

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Finding E-books

Call Number Ranges for Physics

Circulating Books and Reference Books can both be found on the 1st floor of Payson Library.  While Reference Books and Circulating books are not housed in the same location on the 1st floor, they are both organized using Library of Congress call numbers.

In addition to searching for books about physics in the library catalog, you can also browse the shelves using these Library of Congress call number ranges to guide you. 

QC1-999  Physics

QC1-75  General

QC81-114  Weights and measures

QC120-168.85  Descriptive and experimental mechanics

QC170-197  Atomic physics.  

QC221-246  Acoustics.  Sound 

QC251-338.5  Heat 

QC310.15-319  Thermodynamics 

QC350-467  Optics.  Light 

QC450-467  Spectroscopy 

QC474-496.9  Radiation physics (General) 

QC501-766  Electricity and magnetism 

QC501-(721)  Electricity 

QC669-675.8  Electromagnetic theory 

QC676-678.6  Radio waves (Theory) 

QC701-715.4  Electric discharge 

QC717.6-718.8  Plasma physics.  Ionized gases 

QC750-766  Magnetism 

QC770-798  Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy.  Radioactivity 

QC793-793.5  Elementary particle physics 

QC794.95-798  Radioactivity and radioactive substances 

QC801-809  Geophysics.  Cosmic physics 

QC811-849  Geomagnetism 

QC851-999  Meteorology.  Climatology 

QC974.5-976  Meteorological optics 

QC980-999  Climatology and weather 

QC994.95-999  Weather forecastin

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