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GSRE 199.01 Preparing for a Life of Purpose, Service and Leadership (Mark Davis): Home

Scholarly vs. Popular

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Explore Pepperdine Archives

Pepperdine College marquee with Christian message, 1960s

Find more Pepperdine History in Pepperdine's Digital Collections!  Browse Pepperdine yearbooks; see historic surfboards from the John Mazza collection; find jems from the University Archives Photograph Collection.

Alternative to Wikipedia

General Databases

These databases cover many topics and feature a box you can check to limit your search to scholarly/peer-reviewed articles.

Research Assignment

Each student will draw a topic and then conduct research on the ethical issue. The assignment includes a written report and oral presentation. The written report should be six pages, including a summary of the issue, research results (utilize at least five sources through the library), and questions to facilitate class discussion. Include a biblical worldview in your analysis of the issue.

Library sources:

Your paper is due on the date of your presentation.

 Outline of paper:

1. Intro to making moral decisions, and how a Christian worldview includes using the Bible as the primary source of authority: 1 page

 2. Summary of what the Bible says: 1-2 pages

3. Other research from fields of science or reason 2-3 pages

4. Your conclusion: 1 page

 5. Sources: 1 page

The oral presentation and class discussion should be at least 15-20 minutes for each side of the issue. Collaborate with your "opposing" partner on the presentation.