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International Programs: Heidelberg, Germany


Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Museums

Local Hangouts

Local hangout suggestions from past Pepperdine students:

  • Emma Cafe for pizza and coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Shaftheute Cafe which is literally right under the classrooms and they have good cheesecake.
  • Walter's on Neugasse (street name) for cheap and DELICIOUS pasta.
  • Penny Markt is the cheapest grocery store and is on the corner by Walter's, but it's not the closest walk to the house.
  • Gelato Go is just a few buildings down from the classrooms and is the BEST gelato place. However, all gelato places (except some obscure one somewhere) close during the winter.
  • Big Pommes is right across from the classrooms and is where you get fries and Doener. Very unhealthy but they make bank off of Pepperdine students.
  • Club 1900 is good for dancing.
  • Philosophenweg (aka Philosopher's Way) is a hike across the river that can take a really long time (2 hours or more), depending on how far you want to go. It's beautiful though and many have done it.