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GSCL 199.04 Cinema and Society: The Case of Spain: Home

Guide for Professor Begin's Keck Scholars Program class


This research guide will point you toward online research resources and strategies available to you as scholars doing literary research at Pepperdine. 

Use this guide throughout the research process to help you have the best support for your thesis and research.

Spanish Civil War Poster

From Archivo Iconografico, S.A./corbis


ASSIGNMENT: to find something out about either the Spanish Civil War or the recuperation of historical memory in Spain and the “ley integral de recuperación de la memoria histórica” (Law for the Recuperation of Historical Memory).

Professor Begin would like you to be able to talk about your research next class.

GSCL 199.04


Spanish Cinema/Spanish Society

Can movies have an impact on society? Does popular cinema actually have the capacity to set an agenda for public discourse, alter the way in which we view issues, and even cause change? This class will explore the relationship between cinema and society within the specific context of Spain. Spain’s national film industry has always maintained a close relationship with controversial issues, most recently with issues such as gender-based domestic abuse, the recuperation of historical memory after the Civil War, and immigration. This course is designed to offer multiple academic approaches, including but not limited to: sociology, film studies, communication, and political science. A research project will be turned in at the end of the semester.

Instructor: Paul Begin

Subject Guide

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