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Business & Economics

This guide will introduce business and economics resources available to Pepperdine University students.

Databases with Market Share Data

Market share is often difficult to locate and it is usually easier to find market share data for consumer products such as soft drinks. You might be able to locate market share in the following resources, but market share won't be available for many companies/products.

Calculating Market Share

If the above sources do not contain market share, you will have to do your own calculations. Calculating market share is a three-step process.

  • First obtain the global sales for either the entire industry or the segment that you are focusing on. (Please refer to the Industry Research page)

  • The next step is locate the either your company’s total sales or their sales of a specific product/segment
  • Once you have these figures divide your company's segment/product sales by the total global sales for the pharmaceuticals industry to calculate market share. Check your company’s 10-K or 20-F for product sales information.

The above strategy will not work for every product/company/industry. There is a chance that you will not be able to locate reliable market share data for your topic. You might have to resort to listing some of the key companies in the industry instead of providing detailed market share data.