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Public Relations: Other Resources


Contain articles on different aspects of communication. You should search electronic databases and print indexes to find journal citations.

        Communication Monographs. University Park, PA: Speech Communication Association, quarterly.
            Payson Periodicals---1976- .
            Research Library---1994- .

        Communication Quarterly. Buckhannon, WV: Eastern Communication Association.
            Payson Periodicals---1976- .
            Research Library---1994- .

        Communication Reports. Salt Lake City, UT: Western States Communication Association.
            Payson Periodicals---1995- .

        Communication Research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Periodicals Press.
            Payson Periodicals---1984- .
            Research Library---1996- .

        Communication Studies. (formerly: Central States Speech Journal) Waco, TX: Baylor University (changed names in 1989).
            Payson Periodicals---1949-1998.
            Research Library---1996- .

        Communication Theory. New York: International Communication Association.
            Payson Periodicals---1996- .
            Research Library---1992- .

        Human Communication Research. Austin, TX: International Communication Association.
            Payson Periodicals---1974- .
            Research Library---1996- .

        Journal of Communication. Austin, TX: International Communication Association.
            Payson Periodicals---1951- .
            Research Library---1988- .

Media Ad Rates

Media Market Guide:  TV, Cable, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper.
Payson Ready Reference HF 5826.5 .M43

SRDS Consumer Magazine. Payson Reference HF 5905 .S725
SRDS Newspaper. Payson Reference HF 5905 .S73
SRDS TV & Cable. Payson Reference HF 5905 .S745
SRDS Radio. Payson Reference HF 5905 .S74

SRDS Media Solutions (database) provides contact data, demographic profiles of area markets, and some media rates.  This online service does not include The Lifestyle Market Analyst, which the library has in print format. 

TV by the Numbers (Nielsen Ratings)

Los Angeles Times (newspaper) via Research Library provides Nielsen Ratings

  • Search phrase to use: "prime-time tv rankings"

Arbitron Radio Market Report for Los Angeles - Payson Ready Reference (reference desk) Ref HE 8689.7 .A8 A724

Internet Advertising

  • (website)
    • lists top 500 websites and provides traffic information, number of visitors, search queries (what people were searching for to get to that site), page views, etc.
    • some audience demo information
    • can compare up to 5 websites
  • (website)
    • in particular, look at Compete Search Analytics
    • can search by web URL or keyword
    • does not provide the number of visitors for sites, but does give market share information amongst similar companies
  • (website)
    • an Experian product
    • in particular, look at the Data Center 
    • lists top websites (for selected industries) and search engines
    • provides market share, but not number of visitors

Ad History