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Finding Biographical Information: By Occupation

Fictional Characters

General encyclopedias (For examples and call numbers, see step 2)
Cyclopedia of Literary Characters. Ref PN 44 .M3 1963
Cyclopedia of Literary Characters II. Ref PN 44 .M28 1990
Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore and Symbols. Ref GR 35 .J6
The New Century Cyclopedia of Names. Ref AG 5 .N28 1954
Who's Who in Shakespeare. Ref PR 2989 .Q4 1973b


Literature and Authors:

American Authors, 1600-1900. Ref PS 21 .K8 1966
British Authors before 1800. Ref PR 105 .K9
British Authors of the Nineteenth Century. Ref PR 451 .K8 1936
Contemporary Authors. Ref PN 451 .C6x
Contemporary Novelists. Ref PR 883 .V55 1986x
Contemporary Poets. Ref PR 603 .C6 1985
Contemporary Poets of the English Language. Ref PR 603 .C6 1971
Cyclopedia of World Authors. Ref PN 451 .M36
Dictionary of Literary Biography. Ref PN 501 .D52
European Authors, 1000-1900. Ref PN 451 .K8
Hispanic Writers. Ref PQ 6051 .H5 1991
Spanish American Authors: the twentieth century. Ref PQ 7081.3 .F57 1992
Twentieth Century Authors. Ref PN 771 .K86
Twentieth Century Authors; first supplement. Ref PN 771 .K86 1955 Suppl.
Literature Resource Center (Gale) Electronic Database


The National Faculty Directory. Ref L 901 .N34


American Men and Women of Science. Ref Q 141 .A74
Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Ref Q 141 .D5
World Who's Who in Science. Ref Q 141 .W7

Social Sciences:

American Men and Women of Science. Ref Q 141 .A74
Dictionary of American Social Reform. Ref H 41 .F5 1963
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Ref H 40 .A2 I5 1972
Who's Who in Economics. Ref HB 76 .W46 1983


Reference Book of Corporate Managements. Ref HD 2745 .D897
Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives. Ref HG 4057 .A4
Who's Who in Economics. Ref HB 76 .W46 1983
Who's Who in Finance and Industry. Ref HF 3023 .A2 W5


ASCAP Biographical Dictionary. Ref ML 106 .U3 A5 1980
Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. Ref ML 105 .B16 1991
Composers since 1900: First Supplement Ref ML 390 .E833 Suppl.
The Music Index. Ref Index
The New Grove Dictionary of American Music. Ref ML 101 .U6 N48 1986
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Ref ML 100 .N48 2001
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Electronic Database
"You Must Remember This": popular songwriters 1900-1980 Ref ML 390 .W378 1985

Art and Architecture:

Art Index. Ref Index
The Dictionary of Art. Ref N 31 .D5 1996
Encyclopedia of World Art. Ref N 31 .E4833
Who's Who in American Art. Ref N 6536 .W5
Who's Who in Architecture: from 1400 to the present. Ref NA 40 .W48


Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television. Ref PN 2285 .C58
The Dance Encyclopedia. Ref GV 1585 .C5 1967
International Motion Picture Almanac. Ref PN 1993.3 .I55
International Television & Video Almanac. Ref PN 1992.15 .I61
Notable Names in the American Theatre. Ref PN 2285 .N6 1976
Who's Who in Entertainment. Ref PN 1583 .W48
Who's Who in the Theatre. Ref PN 2208 .W5 1981

Political and Social:

The African-American Almanac. Ref E 185 .N386
LexisNexis Academic News Electronic Database
Official Congressional Directory. Ref JK 1011 .U5
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. Ref Index
Who's Who in American Politics. Ref E 176 .W6424

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